Resources on Corporate Social Responsibility and child labour


  1. Report

    Child labour in the primary production of sugarcane

    29 September 2017

  2. Publication

    Child labour in cotton - A briefing

    26 July 2017


  1. Instructional material

    Action in the West African cocoa supply chain to address child labour

    01 June 2016

  2. Instructional material

    Child labour in the fish supply chain on Lake Volta, Ghana: The Torkor model

    01 June 2016

  3. Instructional material

    Business collaboration to eliminate child labour

    01 June 2016

  4. Instructional material

    South-East Asian seafood industries addressing child labour

    01 June 2016

  5. Publication

    Age verification - Protection for unregistered children from child labour

    24 May 2016

    The focus of this research is on the role of age verification in eliminating child labour. The paper contrasts the duty and means to determine an individual’s age of States against those of private enterprises.


  1. Guidelines

    How to do business with respect for children’s right to be free from child labour: ILO-IOE child labour guidance tool for business

    15 December 2015

    This Guidelines aims to improve global supply chain governance, due diligence and remediation processes to advance the progressive elimination of child labour


  1. Publication

    Child Labour Platform: Good Practice Notes - with recommendations for companies

    28 November 2014

    These good practices include examples of approaches that multiple companies in the textile and garments, cocoa, tourism and/or mining sectors have adopted to prevent and remediate child labour. The good practices were identified on the basis of information obtained from the CLP companies, as well as through workshops with a wider group of corporate representatives and other relevant stakeholders.


  1. Good practices

    Business and the fight against child labour - Experience from India, Brazil and South Africa

    25 October 2013

    A new report on the efforts of businesses in three countries in the global South to eliminate child labour, in their operations, supply chains and wider communities.