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ILO Taxonomy

In 2020, the ILO taxonomy was further extended to include subjects covering the administrative and management work activities. Where relevant the newly added subjects were consolidated with the existing ones. Further classification was done to identify unique facets, e.g. subjects, countries and areas, content types, etc.

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The ILO Taxonomy comprises 639 labour-related terms arranged into 24 subject groups. Each subject group is designated by a letter: 

 A work
 B working conditions
 C labour relations
 D labour law
 E social protection
 F education and training
 G economic and social development
 H economy
 J economic sectors
 K trade
 L human rights
 M international cooperation
 N government and public administration
 O society
 P population
 Q health
 R environment
 S technology
 T management
 U statistics
 V research
 W information services
 Z International Organizations

Within each subject category the terms are arranged into a hierarchy by using digits:

 A.20 employment
A.20.01 clandestine employment
A.20.02 informal employment
For more information on the ILO Taxonomy and ILO Thesaurus, please contact the ILO Library.