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Labour law (national)

ILO Library

The ILO Library has one of the largest collections of national law in the world. It acquires constitutions, official gazettes, codifications and consolidations and other legal sources from all ILO member States.

Access to these materials is provided though the ILO database Labordoc.

National legislation

NORMLEX is the information system created by the ILO's International Labour Standards Department which brings together information on International Labour Standards as well as national labour and social security laws.

The NATLEX, database is included now in NORMLEX and operates as an index to the labour laws found in the official gazettes and other legal compilations. Each record contains a detailed bibliographic description and is written in one of the three working languages of the ILO (English, French and Spanish). Approximately 3,000 new records are added annually; the database now contains more than 80,000 records, and there are links within the database to hundreds of full-text documents. These are the most significant labour laws within a country -- most commonly the labour code.

NORMLEX - Country profiles brings together information on national labour law and the application of international labour standards in one portal. The profiles include: membership information; ratifications; reporting requirements; comments of the ILO's supervisory bodies (CEACR, Conference Committee and CFA), and national legislation.


Constitutions of the countries of the world are available online in full-text in Labordoc.

Other constitutions in the ILO Library's collection are catalogued by country in the Labordoc database.

Search for Constitutions in Labordoc

Search in:

In NATLEX, the appropriate search will be to Browse by country, select a country name, and select Classification: Constitutional law.

You may also want to consult the following web sites of constitutions:

Official gazettes

Official Gazettes in the ILO Library's collection are catalogued in the Labordoc database.

Search for official gazettes in Labordoc

Search in:

Enter the country name in the search box.

Official gazettes are, almost exclusively, in the national language of the country.

Note: Translations for gazettes and labour codes, whether in print or online, are usually unofficial.


Labour codes

National labour codes in the ILO Library's collection are catalogued in the Labordoc database.

Search for national labour codes in Labordoc

Search in:

A similar search in NATLEX in "advanced search" would be to Browse by Country, select a country name, and select the classification Labour codes, general labour and employment acts.

A more general search on labour legislation may also be useful. Use this search box to find articles and books, including comments and texts of national labour legislation. Enter a country name, subject, title or author.

Search Labordoc for articles and texts on labour legislation

Search in:

Note: Translations for gazettes and labour codes, whether in print or online, are usually unofficial.

Labour Legislation Guidelines

Labour Legislation Guidelines have been developed by the ILO. The purpose of these Guidelines is to equip those involved in the process of formulating and reviewing labour legislation, as representatives of governments, employers, workers and other interests, with tools to make social dialogue on labour legislation more effective.


Conditions of Work and Employment Laws

The Conditions of Work and Employment Laws Database contains information on legal measures from more than 100 countries. It allows customized searches on individual countries or comparisons of laws from across the world on: minimum wages; Working time; and Maternity protection.


National Labour Law Profiles

The National Labour Law Profiles provide a rapid overview of the labour law in a number of ILO member States, by facilitating a general understanding of how the labour law works in each country. The topics covered include: Constitutional framework; Labour regulation; Contract of employment ; hours of work; paid leave; maternity protection and maternity leave; minimum age and protection of young workers; equality; pay issues; trade union and employers' association regulation; collective bargaining and agreements; workers' representation in the enterprise; dispute settlements; strikes and lock outs; and labour courts.


Employment protection legislation

EPLex - Employment protection legislation database contains information on the employment termination laws of some 85 countries. The information is broken down to cover more than 50 variables addressing all the key topics of employment protection legislation. The database is updated annually to facilitate the analysis of impacts and trends over time by theme and by country.


HIV/AIDS legislation and policies

HIV/AIDS legislation and policies is a collection contains legislative texts, codes of practice, guidelines, and policies dealing entirely or in part with HIV/AIDS and the world of work.


Legislative texts on occupational safety and health

The Database of Legislative Texts on Occupational Safety and Health (LEGOSH) consists of references to laws, regulations and international legal instruments dealing with OSH matters in approximately 140 countries and international organizations. References to the ILO's OSH-related Conventions are also included.


National labour legislation for the ILO member States of the English- and Dutch-speaking Caribbean

CARIBLEX is a database of national labour legislation covering termination of employment; registration, status and recognition of trade unions and employers' organizations; equality of opportunity and non-discrimination in employment; and on occupational safety and health and the working environment for the 13 ILO member States of the English- and Dutch-speaking Caribbean, maintained by the ILO's Subregional Office for the Caribbean. Full text.


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