Report III(1A): Report of the Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations

The Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations is an independent body composed of legal experts charged with examining the application of ILO Conventions and Recommendations by ILO member States. The annual report of the Committee of Experts covers numerous matters related to the application of ILO standards.

Conference paper | 02 March 2012
The structure of the report is divided into the following parts:
The Reader’s note provides indications on the Committee of Experts and the Committee on the Application of Standards of the International Labour Conference (their mandate, functioning and the institutional context in which they operate) (Part 1A, pages 1–4).

Part I: the General Report describes the manner in which the Committee of Experts undertakes its work and the extent to which member States have fulfilled their constitutional obligations in relation to international labour standards, and it draws the attention to issues of general interest arising out of the Committee‟s work (Part 1A, pages 5–41).

Part II: Observations concerning particular countries cover the sending of reports, the application of ratified Conventions (see section I), and the obligation to submit instruments to the competent authorities (see section II) (Part 1A, pages 43–976).

Part III: General Survey, in which the Committee of Experts examines the state of the legislation and practice regarding a specific area covered by a given number of Conventions and Recommendations. This examination covers all member States regardless of whether or not they have ratified the given Conventions. The General Survey is published as a separate volume (Report III (Part 1B)) and this year it concerns fundamental Conventions in light of the Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization, 2008 (Part 1B).

Finally, the Information document on ratifications and standards-related activities is prepared by the Office and supplements the information contained in the report of the Committee of Experts. This document primarily provides an overview of recent developments relating to international labour standards, the implementation of special supervisory procedures and technical cooperation in relation to international labour standards. It contains, information on the ratification of Conventions and Protocols, and “country profiles” (Part 2).