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Elaboration of an autonomous Recommendation on the Social Protection Floor

The 101st session of the International Labour Conference of the ILO, is to be held in Geneva (Switzerland) from 30 May to 15 June 2012. The conclusions of the recurrent discussion on social protection (social security), adopted by the International Labour Conference (2011) at its 100th Session, emphasized “the need for a Recommendation complementing the existing standards that would provide flexible but meaningful guidance to member States in building Social Protection Floors within comprehensive social security systems tailored to national circumstances and levels of development” (paragraph 31), and set out elements of a possible Recommendation on social protection floors in the appendix to these conclusions.

Immediately after the Conference, the Governing Body, at its 311th Session (June 2011), decided to place a standard-setting item on the agenda of the 101st Session (2012) of the Conference with a view to the elaboration of an autonomous Recommendation on the social protection floor, based on a programme of reduced intervals. Accordingly, the Conference will consider the possible adoption of an international labour Recommendation under the single discussion procedure foreseen in article 38 of the Standing Orders of the Conference.

Reports to the Conference

  1. Report III(1B): Giving globalization a human face (General Survey on the fundamental Conventions)

    02 March 2012

    General Survey on the fundamental Conventions concerning rights at work in light of the ILO Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization, 2008.

  2. Report IV(1): Social protection floors for social justice and a fair globalization

    26 July 2011

    This summary report provides information on the law and practice concerning the establishment of a social protection floor or elements thereof at national level, including an overview of the main developments and emerging trends worldwide.

  3. Report IV(2A): Social protection floors for social justice and a fair globalization

    29 February 2012

    This report was prepared on the basis of the replies received from governments and organizations of employers and workers to the questionnaire and contains the substance of their observations 4 together with the Office’s commentary on the replies and on the proposed text of the Recommendation.

  4. Report IV(2B): Social protection floors for social justice and a fair globalization

    28 February 2012

    Volume 2(B) of this Report IV contains the French and English versions of the proposed text which, if the Conference so decides, will be the basis for discussion of the standard-setting item on the elaboration of an autonomous Recommendation on the social protection floor at its 101st Session (2012).

Background information

  1. Prioritize ‘full employment’, says Italian President

    13 June 2012

    Italy’s President tells delegates to the International Labour Conference that social protection for all is key to a fair global development.

  2. Thailand: a healthy society is a productive society

    11 June 2012

    In the ongoing global economic crisis, the need for a "social protection floor" giving everyone access to basic social rights, services and facilities is even more urgent. The tripartite constituents at the ILO's 2012 International Labour Conference are discussing a set of guidelines for building social protection floors. But individual countries are already proving it can work. Thailand's universal health care scheme is based on the idea that only a healthy society can be a productive society.

  3. The “abused maid”: A good tale for a film, but not for real life

    07 June 2012

    Millions of domestic workers get paid below the minimum wage, and rarely benefit from health insurance, paid leave, or even time off. Has anything changed since the adoption last year of the ILO’s Convention Concerning Decent Work for Domestic Workers?

  4. Why we need a Recommendation on social protection floors

    04 June 2012

    The International Labour Conference (ILC) is expected to vote on a Recommendation for social protection floors. Michael Cichon, Director of the ILO’s Social Security Department, explains why we need this international labour standard.

  5. Cape Verde: How social protection can help the elderly

    04 June 2012

    The International Labour Conference is considering adoption of a Recommendation on Social Protection Floors. The ILO is convinced every country can move towards social security for all, and cites the example of impoverished Cape Verde.

  6. ILO Director-General’s opening address to the 101st International Labour Conference

    30 May 2012

  7. Eurozone: “Extreme policies could produce extreme reactions”, ILO head warns

    30 May 2012

    ILO Chief cautions against harsh policies that could provoke a reaction from people in the hardest hit Eurozone countries.