Car and parking

Owing to parking restrictions at the Palais des Nations, delegates are requested to leave their cars in the ILO car park and to use the shuttle service between the ILO and the Palais.

Permanent Missions are kindly requested to refer to the Note verbale from the ILO informing them of the procedure for vehicle access to the Palais des Nations and temporary passes for drivers from Diplomatic Missions for the Conference.

Members of Permanent Missions are requested to park their vehicles in the places reserved for them at the Palais des Nations in car park P10 opposite door 40.

Door 40 has been reserved for delegates arriving in chauffeur-driven vehicles. Please note that this is not a waiting area for cars, and that mission vehicles may only access the area to drop off or pick up passengers. Any vehicle stopping in this area for a prolonged period will receive a warning. Further infringements may result in denied access to the car park.