109th Session of the International Labour Conference (2021)

Conference procedures

The 109th Session of the Conference will be governed by the Standing Orders of the ILC except where any of its provisions has been suspended or otherwise adjusted under the special arrangements and rules of procedure approved for the conduct of the session by virtual means.

Electronic voting

Any vote in Plenary, Committees and electoral colleges will be conducted using an electronic voting system. Access to the voting system is through a personal identification code (PIN), which will be communicated to all accredited members of delegations to the individual e-mail provided in the credentials.

At the beginning of a vote, the voting station screen will ask each delegate to enter the PIN and confirm his or her identity. Clear instructions will then appear on the screen, in English, French or Spanish, explaining the voting procedure in stages. 

In Plenary and electoral colleges, regular delegates or their substitutes are authorized to vote. If they are unable to attend a vote, they may delegate their right to an adviser. Delegations of authority to vote should be submitted to the secretariat of the Credentials Committee, the day before the vote is scheduled. Forms for delegation of authority are available online.

Three types of vote are possible: a vote by a show of hands; a record vote; and a secret ballot. All three, including the “show of hands” are carried out using the electronic voting station. In the three cases, the numerical results (votes in favour, against, abstentions, quorum and required majority) of the vote are immediately announced and subsequently published in the Record of Proceedings. In the case of a record vote, a list of delegates showing how they voted is also published, while in the case of a vote by show of hands or a secret ballot no record is kept of individual votes. In votes by show of hands, the results in each of the three constituent groups will be announced, in addition to the global results.

The votes on the Programme and Budget for 2022-23 and for the abrogation and withdrawal of obsolete international labour standards are by a record vote. Votes in the Governing Body elections are by secret ballot.

For Committees, only delegates and advisers registered in each committee can take part in a vote, which can be taken by show of hands, record vote or secret ballot as determined by the Chairperson in accordance with article 65 of the Standing Orders of the Conference.