108th Session of the International Labour Conference (2019)

Employers - Registration form for membership in Committees

Form or template | 09 May 2019



Employer delegate



Only the accredited Employer delegate should fill out the form to request membership of the various committees of the Conference and return to ACT/EMP by 17:30 hrs. (Geneva local time) on Sunday, 9 June 2019 at the latest. If this deadline is missed, your employer delegation will not be registered for the work in committees which commences on Monday, 10 June 2019.

Please tick either the "Titular" or "Deputy" box and add the name(s) of the employer member(s) of the delegation who will be following the work of each committee in the separate boxes provided for each Committee.

Both Titular and Deputy Members participate in the same way in the work of the committees, influencing the employer group position in the debates and voting when there is a show of hands vote. Titular membership however, means a firm commitment is made to participate in the committee for EVERY session (including night and weekend sessions). Therefore, please do not request Titular membership of a committee if that commitment cannot be given. In addition, as committees meet simultaneously, a small delegation of one or two persons should not request Titular membership of all committees.


Committee on the Application of Standards

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Standard-setting Committee (Violence and Harassment in the World of Work)

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Committee of the Whole (Centenary Declaration)

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Please note that Committee membership as indicated in the form will only be effective once:
• The ILO has received official credentials of the country delegation from the Government (deadline is Monday, 20 May, 2019);
• The request is endorsed by the Employers’ Group;
• The initial composition of Committees is endorsed by the Conference.


Contact information

In order to submit this form, you need to provide your full name and function as well as an email address where the Office can contact you for any clarification and where you will receive confirmation of your registration.




Clicking "Submit" means that the delegation has been approved by the Employer Delegate