Impact of Start your Business (SYB) Training on Women Entrepreneurs in Viet Nam

The survey assesses the impact of the “Start Your Business” (SYB) training programme on women entrepreneurs in rural provinces.

The Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) programme is one of the ILO’s major tools in the field of business development services (BDS). An ILO SIYB project has been well established in Viet Nam since 1998. Oxfam-Québec, a key partner organization of the ILO’s SIYB project in View Nam, provides assistance and support for poor women in rural provinces. This report endeavours to capture some of the significant impacts that the Start Your Business (SYB) training programme has had on poor women in rural areas of Viet Nam, based on SYB training courses carried out by Oxfam-Québec, one of the SIYB project’s partner organizations in View Nam. The report thus shows how a business management training skills programme, which from the outset is not designed pecifically to target women in rural areas, nevertheless can have a significant impact when adapted and used by a local partner organisation.