Industrial relations and dispute settlement in Viet Nam

The articles in this publication are designed to contribute to reasoned policy discussions among tripartite policy makers and experts by providing an in-depth analysis of recent industrial relations developments in Viet Nam with a special focus on wildcat strikes and the dispute settlement system.

Industrial relations in Viet Nam is at a crossroads. The doi moi policy of the Government has created an economic and social environment that is conducive to rapid industrialization and economic development during the past two decades. Viet Nam's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) will certainly accelerate the pace of change and deepen the reform. Accelerated changes arising from the deeper integration of Viet Nam's economy into the global economy would make it a prerequisite that the Government and social partners should be able to manage this process of change through harmonious industrial relations. The experiences of other countries tell us that a sound industrial relations system is one of the most important social institutions to jointly manage the often turbulent process of the economic and social change.