ILO programme to promote New Industrial Relations Framework in Viet Nam

News and events

  1. Project documentation

    IR Bulletin Volume .29 - Quarter II-2019

    19 December 2019

    Industrial relations (IR) in Viet Nam has been growing and getting more and more attention of the community. However, the IR information system in Viet Nam is still limited, sketchy and does not meet actual needs. Those who are interested in IR in general and those who are directly involved in IR tasks in particular do not have the opportunity to access necessary information to have a broader view of this field. Therefore, the New Industrial Relations Framework (NIRF) Project – International Labour Organization (ILO) has collaborated with the Center for Industrial Relations Development (CIRD) – Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) to develop periodical IR Bulletins in order to provide important information for people who are interested in this field to update the IR information in an objective and efficient manner.

  2. Infographic

    What’s new with revised Labour Code?

    21 November 2019

    Here are the highlights of the changes in the revised Labour Code adopted by the National Assembly on 20 November 2019.

  3. News

    Revised Vietnamese Labour Code to help everyone gain fair shares of economic growth

    20 November 2019

    The ILO congratulates Viet Nam on the adoption of the revised Labour Code, which is better in line with universal fundamental labour rights.

  4. Publication

    VGCL-NIRF/Japan Bulletin - Quarter III/2019

    07 November 2019

    The Bulletin introduces key contents in the revision of the Law on Trade Union, as well as analyses on black credits and how black credits are negatively affecting workers' lives. In the Research and Exchange column, indicators on collective bargaining are also presented for researchers and union officers' reference.

  5. Video

    Guidance on Trade Union engagement in labour dispute settlement and proceedings in the courts

    15 October 2019

    The guidance was developed by ILO-NIRF/Japan project and Viet Nam General Confederation of Labor to provide trade union officials in litigation processes and practical examples for reference in representing and protecting workers' rights.

  6. Labour laws

    Labour Code revision brings Viet Nam better in line with international labour standards

    29 September 2019

    An interview with ILO Senior Advisor on Standards Policy, Tim De Meyer

  7. Event

    Media workshop on EVFTA, ILO fundamental conventions and Labour Code revision

    The event is coorganized by ILO and Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs in Da Nang City on 27-28 August 2019.