Decent work in global supply chains

Sustainable supply chains to build forward better – Project linked to electronics manufacturing in Viet Nam


The European Union (EU) has partnered with International Labour Organization for a joint intervention named “Sustainable Supply Chains to Build Forward Better” to advance decent work in five selected global supply chains for a fair, resilient, and sustainable COVID-19 crisis recovery. Electronics manufacturing in Viet Nam is one of them.

Viet Nam is one of the biggest exporters of ICT goods to the EU, and electronics is the largest export industry in the country. With Viet Nam’s new industrial relations system and recent revision of its Labour Code, the country is taking important steps towards achieving decent work.

By addressing decent work deficits and investing in an enabling environment for sustainable enterprises, the country has a unique opportunity to create more and betters jobs, increase productivity and skills, and support growth across the electronics supply chain.


  1. To promote decent work in the electronics supply chain as key to the social and economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis – building forward better;
  2. To engage stakeholders and promote social dialogue all along the supply chain to keep decent work at the forefront and explore possibilities for a “new normal” during and after the COVID-19 recovery – stakeholder engagement;
  3. To support the Vietnamese government, employers, workers and other stakeholders’ actions to make decent work a defining framework of the post-COVID era – stakeholder actions.

For further information please contact:

Ms Vu Kim Hue
National Project Coordinator