Events and meetings

The ILO Country Office for Viet Nam organizes and takes part in a number of events and meetings. Below is a list of upcoming and past events. Any queries should be sent to the office by email.

April 2020

  1. Technical webinar: Environmental Regulatory Systems in the Textile & Garment Sector

    30 April 2020

    The technical webinar will bring together experts to discuss preliminary findings and emerging themes. The webinar is a consultation dialogue with the taskforce members of the Textile Eco-innovation Research Network (TERN) of the Decent Work in the Garment Sector Supply Chains in Asia project (ILO-Sida).

March 2020

  1. Technical meetings on Convention 105 ratification dossier

    1 - 7 March 2020

    In the first quarter of 2020, under the support of ILO EU project on Promoting ILS within framework of EVFTA, MOLISA will hold nine technical meetings with Ministry of Justice, Government Office, President Office, and National Assembly Committees to advocate for the Convention 105 ratification dossier.

  2. Launch of Convention 98 and consultation on its implementation plan

    1 - 7 March 2020

    On the first week of March 2020, MOLISA Legal Dept. in coordination with ILO EU Project on Promoting ILS within framework of EVFTA will organize the workshop to launch ILO Convention 98 ratification and consult on its implementation plan.

  3. Study Visit to Sri Lanka to learn about Child Labour Free Zones

    1 - 10 March 2020

    A study visit to Sri Lanka is being organised by the ENHANCE Project for Vietnamese delegates to learn from the experiences of Sri Lanka in preventing and eliminating child labour and implementing child labour free zones.

February 2020

  1. ENHANCE Project Endline KAP survey

    25 - 29 February 2020

    The ENHANCE Project will undertake an endline survey on the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) related to child labour in Viet Nam to assess changes since project implementation.

  2. Inception meeting of the "CSR Think-Tank" for CSR promotion in the seafood supply chains in Viet Nam

    20 February 2020

    Approximately 30 people will attend an inception meeting of "CSR Think-Tank" on 20 Feburary 2020 in Hanoi. The Think-Tank, composed of 14 members and initiated within the RSCA project, will be working as a task force to provide advisory contribution to the Department of Fisheries (D-FISH, MARD) in the strategizing and policy making for promoting CSR/RBC in seafood supply chains in Viet Nam for sustainable trade and development of the sector. The event will be witnessed by representatives from EU Delegation, EUROCHAM Viet Nam and ILO Hanoi.

  3. Technical workshop "CSR implementation at enterprises - role and engagement of the workers" for policy makers

    13 - 14 February 2020

    Representatives of DOLISAs, FOLs and provicial affiliates of Viet Nam Cooperative Alliance from 10 provinces and cities from Central Coastal and Mekong Delta regions, together with wood and seafood associations, representatives from EU Delegation to Viet Nam (Trade and Economic Affairs section) and EUROCHAM Viet Nam, will participate in 2-day workshop from 13-14 February 2020 in Can Tho City. Key topic of discussion will be the role of the workers in implementing ILO's CSR agenda and how they can effectively engage in this process. The workshop is co-organized within the RSCA (ILO) project by ILO Hanoi and the Viet Nam General Confederation of Labour, aiming to advocacy to the process of ratification of EVFTA by the EU Parliament and the Viet Nam National Assembly which to take place this year.

  4. Review workshop on the national campaign on better compliance in woodwork sector in 2019

    1 - 7 February 2020

    MOLISA Inspectorate will organize a Review Workshop in February 2020 to review the national campaign on ''Enhancing the compliance with labour law of wood work sector enterprises in the whole country''.

January 2020

  1. Upcoming publication of National Child Labour Survey (NCLS) 2018

    1 January 2020

    The findings of the NCLS 2018 (the second of its kind in Vietnam) are expected to be published early next year. The new survey will provide up to date information on the extent, characteristics and determinants of child labour in Viet Nam, and findings will guide the development of future strategies and interventions to prevent and reduce child labour in the country. With ILO technical support, the statistical data collection was led by GSO, and the report is being prepared by the Institute of Labour Science and Social Affairs (ILSSA).

  2. ENHANCE project to develop child labour free certification scheme

    1 January - 30 April 2020

    The ENHANCE project will support the development of an internationally recognized and credible child labour free certification scheme for enterprises to apply to products produced in Vietnam. The scheme will be piloted through the project’s current livelihood interventions in An Giang and Hanoi in partnership with the Viet Nam Handicraft exporters Association (Vietcraft) and Vietnam Rural Industries Research and Development Institute (VIRI).

December 2019

  1. ENHANCE Project Endline Survey

    30 December 2019 - 29 February 2020

    As the ENHANCE project nears its end, an endline survey will be undertaken to assess the overall contribution of the project to the prevention and elimination of child labour in Vietnam.

  2. Replication and roll out of SCREAM for child labour prevention activities

    9 December 2019 - 30 April 2020

    SCREAM (Supporting Children's Rights through Education, the Arts and the Media) is an educational programme designed to raise awareness among young people about children’s rights, with a focus on child labour. After revising and adapting the SCREAM package to a Vietnamese context, the ENHANCE project has been supporting SCREAM training for officials from DOLISA and DOET at 3 project sites. Due to the success of these events, plans to replicate and conduct SCREAM activities in schools and communities across the country have been integrated into upcoming implementation agreements with the Department of Child Affairs (DCA).

November 2019

  1. Labour Forum – "Future of work: The Choice of Viet Nam"

    27 November 2019

    The ILO, tripartite partners (government, worker's and employer's organization) and other key stakeholders will gather in Hanoi to assess achievements, discuss challenges and brainstorm on a range of policy solutions leading to the future of work Vietnam wants to achieve.

  2. SCORE training for suppliers in garment and furniture industry

    27 - 28 November 2019

  3. Regional Training on Actuarial Analysis for Social Health Insurance Benefits

    4 - 8 November 2019

    Viet Nam Social Security, ILO Viet Nam and the International Training Center are co-organizing a Regional Training on Actuarial Analysis for Social Health Insurance Benefits on 4-8 November 2019 in Hanoi. The training is expected to address the needs to improve the national technical expertise in actuarial analysis for health insurance benefits and to promote exchanges across stakeholders the countries in South East Asia.

October 2019

  1. SCORE Vietnam continues its support for the national enterprise consultant network

    12 - 13 October 2019

    This activity was part of the support of ILO is SCORE programme for the Assistant Center for Small and Medium Enterprises in North Viet Nam on the future establishment of the national enterprise consultant network.

September 2019

  1. Media workshop on EVFTA, ILO fundamental conventions and Labour Code revision

    27 - 28 September 2019

    The event is coorganized by ILO and Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs in Da Nang City on 27-28 August 2019.

  2. National training of trainers (tot) on the package “Understanding about child labour”

    23 - 26 September 2019

  3. National Experience Sharing workshop of the project “Technical Support for Enhancing the National Capacity to Prevent and Reduce Child Labour in Vietnam (ENHANCE)”

    12 - 13 September 2019

  4. 5th Regional Skills Technical Working Group Meeting - Enhancing Human Resources Development in ASEAN, Progress of MRA and MRS

    11 - 12 September 2019