ENHANCE project to develop child labour free certification scheme

The ENHANCE project will support the development of an internationally recognized and credible child labour free certification scheme for enterprises to apply to products produced in Vietnam. The scheme will be piloted through the project’s current livelihood interventions in An Giang and Hanoi in partnership with the Viet Nam Handicraft exporters Association (Vietcraft) and Vietnam Rural Industries Research and Development Institute (VIRI).

MOLISA will take the lead in overseeing the scheme’s development in collaboration with ENHANCE, VCCI, VGCL and VCA. In addition, an external agency/team of consultants with expertise and experience in sustainability certifications will be hired to support the development of the scheme. As well as fostering compliance with child labour standards, and the eradication of child labour throughout supply chains, the certification will enable businesses to target an important niche market in ethically produced products.