ENHANCE Project Endline KAP survey

The ENHANCE Project will undertake an endline survey on the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) related to child labour in Viet Nam to assess changes since project implementation.

At the beginning of the ENHANCE project, a baseline survey on knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) related to child labour in Vietnam was conducted to identify knowledge gaps and barriers to child labour prevention, and to inform the development of awareness raising strategies, campaigns and capacity building initiatives. As ENHANCE reaches its final phase of implementation, an endline KAP survey will be undertaken to measure the impact of project activities on the knowledge, attitudes and practices of the project target groups.

Surveys will be undertaken with households, children, media and communication agencies and staff of social agencies, government organizations and associations (SAGAs) from 27 communes of 12 districts in Hanoi, An Giang and Ho Chi Minh. In addition, key informant interviews will be conducted with national, provincial and commune level SAGA staff, and focus groups will be facilitated with business owners, students and teachers in target areas.