SCORE training on Workplace Cooperation (Module 1) and OSH (Module 5) for H&M accessory suppliers in the North

This combined training is a pilot activity of SCORE VN and VCCI HCM in order to raise awareness of the program to new enterprises in the North as well as to encourage engagement from international buyers such as H&M to the implementation of SCORE.

The combined Module 1 (M1) & Module 5 (M5) pilot training is the first activity of Phase 3 implemented by SCORE VN and VCCI HCM aiming at upskilling employee performance, improving workplace condition and ensuring occupational health and safety at work.

Module 1 training was organized on last 5th of May 2018 in Ha Nam Province for 6 accessory enterprises of H&M, including: Sampo Vina Co., Yoohan Co., Youme Co., Dayeon Bi Jou Co., Dasan Vina Co., and Has Fashion Co. with the participation of 30 employees.

After the training, all 6 enterprises have established their own Enterprise Improvement Team (EIT) to carry out their Enterprise Improvement Plan. SCORE VN, VCCI HCM and H&M will continue to develop training activities for enterprises to ensure their competitiveness and sustainability in the long run.