ILO project provides technical support for international conference on skills development

News | 17 July 2020
HANOI (ILO News) – The International Labour Organization’s specialist tipped Viet Nam on how to prepare young people for future jobs at the international conference “Developing and recognizing vocational skills qualifications for young people in the new period” organized on 14 July.

The event was hosted by the General Directorate for Vocational Education and Training (DVET) under the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs on the occasion of World Youth Skills Day (15 July).

It was the first international conference where DVET had connected online with international experts from different countries.

ILO Regional Skills and Employability Specialist Akiko Sakamoto, who is based in Bangkok, delivered a presentation on “Skills for youth, Preparing young people for future jobs”. The presentation highlighted the prospects for youth employment and implications for future skills in the context of COVID-19 as well as the new trends and future skills that are shaping the future of work for a better preparation for the young people. The presentation also provided suggestions for an agenda for national skills and vocational education and training system in Viet Nam.

At the workshop, Viet Nam announced the first 10 Vietnamese Occupational Skills Ambassadors who were expected to inspire generations of young people to actively practice skills, develop their own careers and contribute to the country.

“The shortage of skilled labour is an opportunity for young people to equip with skills to master technology and their own lives; and have a job with a good income which will help their family and the society, ” said DVET Director, Truong Anh Dung.

He emphasized that developing vocational skills for young people and workers is not only a matter of education and society but also a factor to enhance national competitiveness and increase labour productivity.

A new website “” was launched at the event to introduce an adequate information resource for technical and vocational education and training in Viet Nam.

The seminar also provided a forum for discussion between the representatives of departments, schools, enterprises, and Vietnamese Occupational Skills Ambassadors on promoting the development of occupational skills for workers to meet the requirements of the labour market in the context of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the COVID-19 impacts. Participants agreed that it is necessary to have guidance and support from the Government to create a favorable legal framework for occupational activities and close cooperation between schools and businesses to ensure the matching between supply and demand of skilled labour.

The ILO has been supporting Viet Nam in technical and vocational education and training through various projects. The most recent one is “Applying the G20 Training Strategy-Phase 2” funded by the Russian Federation since December 2016.