Vocational training

VN gains Philippine experience in vocational education reform

As Viet Nam is amending the Law on Vocational Education and Training, the ILO in Viet Nam organized a study tour for senior officials to see the Philippine models.

News | 30 October 2013
A Vietnamese official visits a vocational training centre in Manila.
HANOI (ILO News) – A senior Vietnamese delegation has visited Manila, the Philippines, on a five-day study tour in preparations for a reform in vocational education.

The participants – high-level officials from the General Department of Vocational Training (GDVT), Viet Nam General Confederation of Labour, Viet Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the National Assembly Office – gained experience from witnessing the work of the Philippines’ specialized agency, Technical Education and Training Development Agency (TESDA).

The Vietnamese delegation had an opportunity to learn from legislative experts in the Philippines how to draft and enforce the Law on Vocational Education and Training, which is now being amended in Viet Nam.

Within the tour, organized by the ILO Viet Nam’s Skills for Trade Project between 20 and 25 October, the Vietnamese and Philippine officials were able to exchange views on how to improve tripartite dialogues.

The Vietnamese participant also visited a vocational training school and had a chance to talk to Chairperson of Higher and Technical Education Committee under the House of Representatives, Roman T. Romulo.

“The vocational training system in the Philippines is really impressive and Viet Nam can learn a lot from our neighbour,” Deputy Director of GDVT’s Legislation-Inspection Department, Vu Xuan Hung, said.

According to ILO National Project Coordinator Ngo Quang Vinh, an important lesson learnt from the study tour included the “format of TESDA law in which the government is given much freedom in implementation so as to quickly adapt to constant changes”.

The collaboration model between enterprises and schools in vocational training was another example which Viet Nam should follow, he said.