Publications on youth employment

  1. Youth employment in times of COVID

    21 January 2022

    A global review of COVID-19 policy responses to tackle (un)employment and disadvantage among young people.

  2. Survey on the future demand for vocational training in the textile sector in Brazil

    15 December 2021

    The objective of the survey is to provide technical support to partners in the sector to design and implement professional training strategies that enable them to develop the skills necessary for the success and growth of industries, while ensuring that workers have access to decent and productive jobs.

  3. Rapid labour force survey of Covid19 impact. Wave 4

    01 December 2021

  4. How to organize my job search? A step-by-step guide for job seekers and those who support them

    23 November 2021

    This guide explains how to define an effective job search strategy. It helps you understand the job market, define your targets, create your communication tools and media, use the internet, and ultimately, successfully integrate into the new company. Intended for autonomous job seekers, it can also be used as a support tool by counsellors at employment agencies around the world.

  5. An uneven and gender-unequal COVID-19 recovery: Update on gender and employment trends 2021

    26 October 2021

    The COVID-19 crisis caused unprecedented job losses, hitting women the hardest, particularly in middle-income countries. The COVID-19 recovery is proving both uneven and gender-unequal, as women’s employment recovery is lagging behind men’s.

  6. National employment policies (NEPs) - What is a NEP ?

    06 October 2021

    Infographic providing an overview of National Employment Policies (NEPs).

  7. Rapid labour force survey of Covid19 impact. Wave 3

    01 October 2021

  8. Nigerian Youth Employment Action Plan 2021-2024

    14 September 2021

    The overarching goal of the Nigerian Youth Employment Action Plan (NIYEAP) for the period 2021 to 2024 is to contribute to the achievement of decent, productive and freely chosen employment for young people by complementing and reinforcing existing policy commitments and national development priorities and related efforts. The NIYEAP has four priority areas of intervention, i.e. Employability, Entrepreneurship, Employment, and Equality and rights, and proposes strategic lines of action focussing on key sectors that have the potential to create decent jobs for youth. The NIYEAP also serves as a commitment of the Government of Nigeria under the Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth.

  9. Towards decent work for young refugees and host communities in the digital platform economy in Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Egypt

    12 August 2021

    This report explores job creation in the gig economy from the unique experiences and perspectives of youth and refugees, as well as from the viewpoint of digital labour and e-commerce platforms, digital training providers, start-up incubators, social partners, and policymakers.

  10. How to improve Graduate Apprenticeship Programme in India?

    23 June 2021

    Apprenticeship is one of the most effective tools to bridge the skill gap. India is currently vying to be the global manufacturing hub; a well-functioning apprenticeship system can lead to realizing this objective. This policy brief presents a policy gap and proposes three recommendations to promote graduate apprenticeship in the country. These recommendations includes a new reformed apprenticeship policy with better governance structure, regular monitoring, and providing career guidance to students in secondary schools.