Publications on youth employment

  1. Child labour. Targeting the intolerable. Report 86 VI (1)

    25 June 1998

    International Labour Conference, 86th Session, 1998. Report VI, Part 1. Drawing on the experience of the ILO, including its International Programme for the Elimination of Child Labour, this report surveys international and national law and practice and points the way towards effective action through new international standards. Includes a list of ratifications by country of relevant ILO Conventions on minimum age and forced labour (as at 15 August 1996).

  2. Employment-intensive infrastructure programmes : labour policies and practices

    01 February 1998

    Based on studies and the experience of ILO technical cooperation projects. Includes recommendations for government ministries, and workers’ and employers’ organizations.

  3. Children and hazardous works in the Philippines

    11 February 1993

    Documenting the change in emphasis from intervention through legislation to direct action at the local level, this book draws particular attention to efforts to eliminate child prostitution and Muro-ami deep sea fishing.

  4. Child labour: Law practice (Conditions of work digest 1/91)

    19 September 1991

    Includes texts of the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the ILO's Minimum Age Convention No. 138, Recommendation No. 146, 1973, and excerpts from other conventions and declarations.

  5. The emerging response to child labour (Conditions of work digest 1/88)

    20 July 1988

    Provides an overview of major policy developments, cites the substantive provisions of international labour standards adopted by the ILO and policy resolutions and statements made by other intergovernmental bodies, and describes 90 programmes carried out by international, national and community-based organisations in 20 countries. Includes a directory of institutions carrying out research, information dissemination, advocacy, and action on child workers.