Publications on youth employment

  1. Beyond the scoreboard : youth employment opportunities and skills development in the sports sector

    01 August 2006

  2. Offshoring and the Internationalization of Employment. A Challenge for a Fair Globalization?

    14 March 2006

    The book examines the trends in the internationalisation of employment, looks at losers and winners and proposes new policies of compensation.

  3. Yearbook of Labour Statistics, CD-ROM Multi-user - 2006

    14 January 2006

    Sources and Methods: Labour Statistics, Volumes 1-10 - Published annually

  4. Yearbook of Labour Statistics, CD-ROM Single-user - 2006

    14 January 2006

    Sources and Methods: Labour Statistics, Volumes 1-10 - Published annually

  5. Global Employment Trends for Youth 2004

    26 October 2005

    This report continues the ILO Global Employment Trends series to provide a valuable analysis of the current labour market trends of young people. It incorporates the most recent information available in order to shed light on the possible factors contributing to the increasing difficulties youth face today when trying to enter the labour force.

  6. Trainers´ manual - Women workers´ rights and gender equality: Easy steps for workers in Cambodia

    01 July 2004

  7. Child labour survey data processing and storage of electronic files. A practical guide. Statistical information and monitoring programme on child labour (SIMPOC)

    15 March 2004

    Describes the requirements and procedures for transferring electronic files to the ILO at the completion of child labour surveys.

  8. Facts on Youth Employment

    09 October 2003

  9. Annotated bibliography on child labour

    02 September 2003

    Covers various aspects of child labour research published in six languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian). Focuses on materials published from 1995 to 2002.

  10. Opening doors. A presentation of laws protecting Filipino child workers. (Third edition)

    24 July 2003