News, articles and events on youth employment

May 2012

  1. Neither working nor studying, the fate for millions of youth worldwide

    17 May 2012

    Millions of youth around the world have essentially given up looking for a job since the onset of the crisis, reflecting an increasing detachment from the labour market.

  2. Four million more jobless youth since 2007

    17 May 2012

    The global youth unemployment rate for 2012 remains stuck at crisis peak levels and is not expected to come down until at least 2016, says the ILO in its Global Employment Trends for Youth 2012 report.

  3. Three steps to curb youth unemployment

    15 May 2012

    The right mix of education and training, promoting entrepreneurship and strengthening employment services is key to tackling the current youth employment crisis in many parts of the world, said Executive Director of the ILO’s Employment Sector, Mr José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs.

  4. Media Advisory: ILO to publish 2012 edition of Global Employment Trends for Youth

    15 May 2012

    The ILO is to launch its new report on the state of labour markets for youth worldwide. The report, entitled “Global Employment Trends for Youth 2012”, is for release on Tuesday 22 May 2012. The new study examines the continuing job crisis affecting young people in many parts of the world and provides updated statistics on global and regional youth unemployment rates and presents ILO policy recommendations to curb the current trends.

  5. Giving Indonesia’s new generation the skills and self-confidence to find decent work

    15 May 2012

    Indonesia’s new generation of young people are creative, connected, concerned and keen to succeed. But today, far too many can’t find decent jobs.

  6. Giving young people the right skills for today’s jobs

    15 May 2012

    At a time when youth unemployment has reached alarming levels, governments are urgently seeking ways to tackle the crisis and defuse the potential time bomb of an increasingly disheartened and angry generation. Journalist Patrick Moser reports.

  7. Arab youth aspiring to social justice and decent work

    15 May 2012

    In 2011, youth unemployment rates in the Arab region have reached a worrying average of more than 27.3 per cent. For young women, the average unemployment rate is even worse...

  8. ILO to hold a global Youth Employment Forum

    14 May 2012

    Against the backdrop of unprecedented youth unemployment levels, the ILO is to host a global Youth Employment Forum at its headquarters in Geneva from May 23-25.

  9. Africa: No real growth without jobs

    10 May 2012

    Pro-employment macroeconomic policies, public works schemes, investments and promotion of youth employability are key to ensuring future generations share Africa’s growth story, the ILO says as the World Economic Forum on Africa meets.

  10. Youth Employment - Good Practices

    04 May 2012

    The ILO Youth Employment Programme has launched a call for nominations of good practices that have proven effective in promoting decent work for young people.