Publications on Work-life balance

  1. Times are changing. Working time in 14 industrialised countries

    16 March 1994

    This book provides information on the duration, structure, flexibility and reduction of working time in fourteen industrialized nations. Countries are treated separately. Covers the period up to 1980.

  2. The hours we work: New work schedules in policy and practice (Conditions of work digest 2/90)

    11 March 1991

    Provides an overview of provisions of laws and collective agreements, and policy statements on a wide variety of topics, including flexibility in daily and weekly hours and part-time work. Contains detailed descriptions of over 30 case studies in diverse industries and services and a comprehensive analysis of manuals and guidelines on working time arrangements.

  3. Human stress, work and job satisfaction: A critical approach

    31 December 1984

    This interdisciplinary research study of the relationship between working conditions, mental stress and job satisfaction applies social psychology and ergonomics to occupational health and occupational safety in the interest of quality of working life.