Publications on tripartism and social dialogue

  1. Publication

    Independent Evaluation of the ILO's Strategy to Support Member States to Improve the Impact of International Labour Standards

    21 October 2008

    The purpose of this strategy evaluation is to provide insight into the mandate, continued relevance, effectiveness, efficiency of the strategy, programme approach, and interventions in strengthening and broadening national capacities to ratify and improve the application of the International Labour Standards (ILS) by member States, and covering the period 2000-2006.

  2. Publication

    "Focus on forced labour - Union action to protect the world’s most marginalised workers" International union rights

    05 October 2008

    Special edition on forced labour of the Journal "International union rights", Volume 14 Issue 4 2008

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    Guide for Social Dialogue in the Tourism Industry

    01 October 2008

  4. Publication

    Strengthening social dialogue in the utilities sector in Nigeria

    01 September 2008

    Working Paper 272

  5. Publication

    Recommended guidelines for migrant recruitment policy and practice in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region

    01 June 2008

    These recommended guidelines emphasise the importance of improving recruitment processes in order to encourage safe migration and reduce the potential vulnerability of migrant workers to labour exploitation, including the worst forms of child labour and human trafficking.

  6. Publication

    Forced labour - Mini action guide for trade unions

    21 May 2008

    Mini action guide designed by the International Trade Union Confederation, with the support of the ILO Special Action Programme to combat Forced Labour

  7. Publication

    Cross-border social dialogue and agreements: An emerging global industrial relations framework?

    12 May 2008

    The book examines various facets of international framework agreements (IFAs), as one of numerous private initiatives that have emerged in the absence of a state-driven multilateral framework, in view of organising a common labour relations framework at cross-border level. It also addresses relevant issues such as the possibility of cross-border solidarity action as a complement to cross-border dialogue. The title is longer available in print format but is available full text on-line using the link below.

  8. Publication

    Social dialogue perspectives in Romanian road transport

    01 April 2008

    Working Paper 258

  9. Publication

    Saving lives, protecting jobs - International HIV/AIDS Workplace Education Programme. SHARE: Strategic HIV/AIDS Responses in Enterprises. Second report

    01 March 2008

    This second report documents the fine work carried out by ministries of labour, employers’ and workers’ organizations and partner enterprises. It gives an insight into this ILO/USDOL partnership which has been running for five years. It includes a special focus on the experiences and achievements of the pioneer country projects in Belize, Benin, Cambodia, Ghana, Guyana, India and Togo. It also captures major innovations and collaborations from on-going initiatives in other countries.

  10. Publication

    Social Finance Working Paper #51: Trade unions and financial inclusion

    05 February 2008

    The case of South Africa