Post-2015 development agenda

Employment, health care and education voted top-three priorities for a better world

Over 7 million people from 194 countries have participated in MY World, the United Nations survey for a better world. The survey places good jobs in the top 3 priorities for post-2015.

Actualité | 15 décembre 2014
GENEVA - MY World survey participants have voted for six out of 16 issues which are most important to them and their families – from better health care to clean water and sanitation, to freedom from discrimination. Their votes represent the hopes and dreams of every 1 in 1,000 people on the planet.

More than 3.3 million voted for "better job opportunities." Only "a good education" and "better health care" was voted higher.

The MY World survey is the largest survey ever undertaken by the United Nations in its 70-year history. It has reached over 7 million people all over the world, mostly young women and men. To celebrate this remarkable milestone, the United Nations released the report entitled "We the peoples" on 12 December 2014.

As noted in the United Nations report: "Not only does it paint a clear picture of the world people want -- education, health and jobs -- but it shows that this holds true whoever you are or wherever you live. In this, it seems, we are truly united."

The findings of the survey are crucial to the new development agenda, which is to be decided by member states in 2015. It will continue to collect votes until the adoption of the new UN Sustainable Development Agenda in September this year.

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