Training package on development of a national programme of occupational safety and health

Module 3: National OSH profile and analysis of the national OSH situation

Module 3 provides guidance on the essential contents of a National Profile of Occupational Safety and Health (National OSH Profile), potential information sources and the process for collecting information.

Instructional material | 10 June 2013
The module also provides guidance on the process of analyzing the information collected and on the setting of national priorities in occupational safety and health (OSH).

The aim of Module 3 is to increase the knowledge and competencies of the OSH specialists and tripartite decision makers involved in drawing up a National OSH Profile, in analyzing the information and in formulating national priorities for OSH.

At the conclusion of the module trainees will be able to:
- enumerate the most relevant items of information to be collected for the undertaking of a National OSH Profile;
- identify the sources of OSH information at national level;
- analyze the information in order to set out a clear picture of the national situation in regard to OSH;
- formulate OSH priorities at national level;
- use the National OSH Profile as a tool for continuous improvement.