Training package on development of a national programme of occupational safety and health

Module 2: Introduction to the national occupational safety and health system

Module 2 covers the National Occupational Safety and Health System, its main components, functions and organization, and any potential problems from an international standpoint.

Instructional material | 10 June 2013
It does not describe each country’s system, but rather provides trainees with background information on the generic components of a National OSH System, as well as on the relevant government institutions – and the operational and organizational options for their various functions in relation to OSH at national level. It also offers information on the most common problems with the various components of the National OSH System.

The aim of Module 2 is to strengthen trainees’ knowledge of the various structures and functions of a National OSH System. At the conclusion of the module trainees will be able to:
- describe the content of the main components of a National OSH System;
- explain the purpose and relevance of the functions performed in the management of OSH at national level;
- enumerate the potential challenges faced by the main components of a National OSH System, and propose practical solutions;
- perform a critical analysis of the capacity and performance of a National OSH System.