Training package on development of a national programme of occupational safety and health

Module 1: The ILO's strategic approach to occupational safety and health

Module 1 addresses the need and rationale for the promotional framework on occupational safety and health (OSH), which is that of enhancing OSH governance by means of improved national OSH policies, systems, programmes and action plans.

Instructional material | 07 June 2013
The aim of this module is to enable trainees to understand the ILO’s strategic approach to national OSH development.

At the end of the module the trainee will be able to:
- describe the ILO’s key instruments and guidelines and the main concepts regarding national OSH governance;
- explain the benefits of developing a framework approach to dealing with OSH, as well as its advantages in comparison to the traditional approach;
- motivate the need for adoption of a National OSH Policy, as well as its purpose and content;
- identify the steps for the development of a National OSH Programme;
- describe the roles of the main stakeholders in national OSH development.