Training package on development of a national programme of occupational safety and health

Module 0: Trainer's guide

Module 0 is for the exclusive use of the trainer. It puts tools in his/her hands for the organizing of various training activities and for the delivery of training sessions.

Instructional material | 07 June 2013
The first part presents the content and objectives of Modules 1 to 4, which are for the trainees.

The second part proposes a training curricula:
1. Workshop on a National OSH Profile
2. Workshop on a National OSH Policy
3. Workshop on a National OSH Programme (strategic plan)
4. Workshop on the National OSH Programme (action plan)

The third part includes some participatory activities:
Exercise 1: Clarifying concepts and purposes for OSH governance
Exercise 2: The contents of a National OSH Policy
Exercise 3: Drafting of statements for a National OSH Policy
Exercise 4: Case study: Analyzing the situation in a country
Exercise 5: Analyzing your country's OSH system
Exercise 6: Identification of key points and gaps in the national OSH situation
Exercise 7: Identifying causes and effects
Exercise 8: Setting priorities
Exercise 9: Starting a National OSH Programme
Exercise 10: Becoming familiar with the action planning