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  1. Occupational Safety and Health Series No. 51

    Stress in industry: Causes, effects and prevention

    31 December 1984

    This occupational health study of causes and possible prevention of mental stress among industrial workers covers behavioral and psychological aspects, related occupational diseases, stress inductive work environment and working conditions (payment by result, automation, shift work, nuisances, etc.), vulnerable groups, remedies, etc.


  1. Occupational Safety and Health Series, No. 39

    Occupational cancer - prevention and control

    01 January 1977

    This publication represents a first step in providing guidance for the implementation of the principles set forth in the ILO Convention and Recommendation concerning prevention and control of occupational hazards caused by carcinogenic substances and agents. It covers issues like preventive measures, exposure monitoring, and medical supervision and it includes the relevant normative texts.


  1. Publication

    Guide to safety in agriculture

    01 January 1969

    The purpose of this guide is to suggest some ways and means of achieving progress towards greater safety on the farm. It will be seen that it is not only necessary to provide safe equipment and safe working conditions; everyone working on farms – farmers, foremen, specialists, labourers and the rest must possess the necessary training and education to enable them to keep the work safe.