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  1. Publication

    Preventing stress at work (Conditions of work digest 2/92)

    29 March 1993

    The Conditions of Work Digest on preventing stress at work is essential reading for policy-makers in government agencies, employers' and workers' organizations, health professionals, trainers, consultants, managers and workers' representatives concerned with this complex and challenging problem.

  2. Occupational Safety and Health Series, No. 68

    The use of lasers in the workplace: A practical guide

    23 March 1993

    The purpose of this book is to provide basic guidance on working conditions and procedures that will lead to higher standards of safety for all personnel engaged in the manufacture, maintenance and operation of laser devices. It is intended in particular for the use of competent authorities, employers and workers, and in general all persons in charge of occupational safety and health.

  3. Publication

    The use of lasers in the workplace

    01 January 1993

  4. Publication

    Occupational Safety and Health Glossary

    01 January 1993

    The glossary is aimed at translators, interpreters and safety and health practitioners who need to read or write professional literature in more than one language.


  1. Publication

    Prevention of major industrial accidents

    06 May 1991

    The objective of this code of practice is to provide guidance in the setting up of an administrative, legal and technical system for the control of major hazard installations. It seeks to protect workers, the public and the environment by: preventing major accidents from occurring at these installations; minimising the consequences of a major accident on site and off site, for example by: arranging appropriate separation between major hazard installations and housing and other centres of population nearby such as hospitals, schools and shops; and appropriate emergency planning.


  1. Occupational Safety and Health Series, No. 64

    Safety in the use of mineral and synthetic fibres

    01 December 1990

    The present document discusses safety and health in the use of mineral and synthetic fibres at work, taking due account of the relevant international instruments. It is an ILO contribution to the International Programme on Chemical Safety (a collaborative programme of the United Nations Environment Programme, the ILO, and the World Health Organization).


  1. Publication

    Alcohol and drugs. Programmes of assistance for workers (Conditions of work digest 1/87)

    20 May 1987

    Reviews policies and guidelines developed by governments, employers organisations and trade unions, and describes current employee assistance programmes in 15 countries. Lists institutions which can provide information and assistance in setting up such programmes, and includes guidelines for their establishment.


  1. Publication

    Register of lifting appliances and items of loose gear

    30 November 1985

    Model Form and Certificates as required by Article 25(2) of the ILO Convention concerning Occupational Safety and Health in Dock Work (No. 152), 1979.


  1. Occupational Safety and Health Series No. 50

    Human stress, work and job satisfaction: A critical approach

    31 December 1984

    This interdisciplinary research study of the relationship between working conditions, mental stress and job satisfaction applies social psychology and ergonomics to occupational health and occupational safety in the interest of quality of working life.

  2. Occupational Safety and Health Series No. 51

    Stress in industry: Causes, effects and prevention

    31 December 1984

    This occupational health study of causes and possible prevention of mental stress among industrial workers covers behavioral and psychological aspects, related occupational diseases, stress inductive work environment and working conditions (payment by result, automation, shift work, nuisances, etc.), vulnerable groups, remedies, etc.


  1. Occupational Safety and Health Series, No. 39

    Occupational cancer - prevention and control

    01 January 1977

    This publication represents a first step in providing guidance for the implementation of the principles set forth in the ILO Convention and Recommendation concerning prevention and control of occupational hazards caused by carcinogenic substances and agents. It covers issues like preventive measures, exposure monitoring, and medical supervision and it includes the relevant normative texts.


  1. Publication

    Guide to safety in agriculture

    01 January 1969

    The purpose of this guide is to suggest some ways and means of achieving progress towards greater safety on the farm. It will be seen that it is not only necessary to provide safe equipment and safe working conditions; everyone working on farms – farmers, foremen, specialists, labourers and the rest must possess the necessary training and education to enable them to keep the work safe.