OSH Network

Multiple Case Study on Six Regional Occupational Health and Safety Networks

This ILO Working Paper presents the results of a multiple case-study analysis of regional occupational safety and health (OSH) networks.

The research was undertaken as part of the modernization of the ILO portfolio of activities in OSH knowledge and information, which is a primary objective of the ILO’s global strategy to improve occupational safety and health. The Working Paper describes how and why OSH agencies, institutions, organizations and experts collaborate with one another. It covers the statutes, roles, functions, governance modalities, financing and challenges of regional OSH networks from Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa. In addition to producing individual network profiles that are published separately in annexes, the results highlight similarities and differences in ways of organizing collaboration in OSH, and provide new knowledge to support international cooperation. By taking stock, analysing and sharing experience on OSH knowledge and information development and networking efforts, the ILO wishes to impulse a renewed global knowledge and information sharing dynamic and contribute connecting institutions and people with the knowledge they need.