Safety in the use of radiofrequency dielectric heaters and sealers

This document discusses the technical aspects of developing control technology that may be used to limit exposure of workers to emissions of radiofrequency (RF) electric and magnetic fields from dielectric heaters and sealers, RF heaters. This guide provides practical methods to install, design or retrofit this type of equipment which will minimize the user's exposure to RF fields.

The purpose of this book is to provide basic guidance on working conditions and procedures that will lead to higher standards of safety for all personnel engaged in the operation and use of radiofrequency (RF) dielectric heaters and sealers. It is intended in particular for the use of competent authorities, employers and workers, and in general all persons in charge of occupational safety and health.

The following topics are covered: RF and electromagnetic radiation, sources, exposure and energy absorption, RF biological effects, occupational RF exposure standards and guidelines, exposure assessment, control technology, work practices and administrative controls, design and installation considerations, and medical surveillance. Emphasis is placed upon protective measures.