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  1. Occupational safety and health

    Occupational safety and health in a just transition

    27 September 2023

    This policy brief is part of the ILO Just Transition Policy Briefs series and is intended to present the linkages between just transition and occupational safety and health (OSH), providing stakeholders with information and recommendations for implementation.

  2. Publication

    Hazardous exposures to plastics in the world of work

    19 September 2023

    Plastics are found in all aspects of modern life, including the world of work. Workers in numerous industries use plastics during the course of their work and may therefore be at risk of harmful chemical exposures, depending on the variety of plastic and type of exposure.

Training materials

  1. Instructional material

    International Chemical Safety Cards (ICSCs)

    14 March 2023

  2. Instructional material

    Preventative measures for key chemical hazards

    14 March 2023

Promotional materials

  1. Forced labour

    Joint labour inspection to prevent forced labour in Indonesia’s fishing sector

    28 July 2023

    The video features the importance of joint labour inspection at Indonesian fishing sector to ensure the labour rights of fishers and to prevent forced labour at sea.

  2. Video

    Video of 2023 Safeday Event

    16 June 2023