Safety + Health for All

An ILO Flagship Programme

Joining forces to improve the safety and health of workers worldwide

Strong efforts are required to prevent significant human tragedies and economic losses related to occupational safety and health (OSH). Every day, 7,500 workers die from work-related causes: 6,500 from work related diseases and 1,000 from occupational accidents. Also, almost 4% of the world’s annual GDP is lost due to these preventable incidents.

Safety + Health for All focuses on prevention to promote a safe and healthy working environment, which is a fundamental principle and right at work. It mobilizes governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations, and other key stakeholders to implement strategic interventions in a fast-evolving world of work that faces new challenges brought about by the intensification of trade and climate change. By 2022, Safety + Health for All actions have benefited, directly or indirectly, over 138 million workers in 19 countries.

The actions target workers most vulnerable to occupational injuries and diseases, namely female, young, and migrant workers, as well as those in hazardous sectors such as agriculture and construction, in small and medium enterprises, and in global supply chains through its Vision Zero Fund.

In times of crises and emerging global challenges, policy coherence and collaborative action on occupational safety and health are more needed than ever. The programme strengthens its efforts accordingly. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Safety + Health for All supported the implementation of effective policies and measures to avoid recurrence of contagion in the work environment and improve emergency preparedness.