Safety and health in the non-ferrous metals industries

This code of practice provides practical guidelines for ensuring that the safety and health of all those involved in non-ferrous metals production, in large and small enterprises, are afforded the highest priority.

Code of practice | 04 September 2001
This code, which deals with the production of metal in bulk, focuses on foundries and on the production of primary non-ferrous metals, including from recycled material. It does not deal with mining, nor does it address the fabrication of commercial products made from non-ferrous metals. The code begins by setting out the general principles of prevention and protection, including the duties of regulatory authorities, employers and workers. This first part covers a range of topics, including risk assessment, risk management, training, and workplace and health surveillance. The main part of the code identifies and examines a range of physical hazards that are commonly encountered during the production of non-ferrous metals. These include noise, vibration, heat stress, radiation, confined spaces, dust and chemicals. Separate chapters deal with furnaces, molten metal and recycling.