Fire Risk Management

This revised booklet is designed to provide employers, managers, workers and governmental organizations with key information on the very severe risks that fires pose in the workplace, as well as on their prevention and control.

The management of fire risks is a fundamental responsibility for every employer. For many employers it is possibly their primary occupational safety and health requirement. A serious fire could result in the deaths of many innocent people as well as destroy a business. Effective fire management is a staged process. The stages are logical and small steps can effectively reduce the risks. Close cooperation between workers, employers and governments is essential for successful prevention and control of fire at the workplace.

Together with this publication, the LABADMIN/OSH has also revised the fire safety action checklist. This is a management tool to improve fire safety. The checklist includes three parts:

1. Measures to minimize fire risks;
2. Preparing for fire emergencies;
3. Training.