Standard Courses - International Training Centre of the ILO 2012

The Centre has 45 years' experience of providing training and learning opportunities and services to decision-makers, managers, practitioners and trainers from the three ILO constituencies – governments, workers' organizations and employers' organizations - and their partner institutions. Its services are also available to the United Nations system as a whole, including ILO staff. It has partnerships with regional and national training institutions.

Resource list | 09 November 2011
Occupational safety and health and working conditions - page 39.

The Centre offers standard courses, customized learning events, comprehensive training projects, advisory services, and training material design and production.

Activities take place on campus, in the field or at a distance. The Centre uses information technology, including the Internet, to offer distance learning and tutoring services.

Besides the standard courses described in this catalogue, the Centre organizes customized programmes that meet the specific needs of countries. Courses are held in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

The titles and descriptions in this catalogue are in the language of the course (except for Arabic, Chinese and Russian).