National Occupational Safety and Health Profile of Finland

The national profile aims to provide information about the occupational safety and health (OSH) legislation, policy review mechanisms, infrastructures, collaborative structures, activities of various partners in occupational safety and health, human resources, actors, statistics and indicators of OSH, general demographic data, problems and challenges, as well as the needs for future development in the specific country. This information also serves as a basis for the updating and further development of the national policy and programme on occupational safety and health of the country.

The National Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Profile of Finland has been prepared at the request of the International Labour Office (ILO). The Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health requested the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health to prepare this document.

The structure of the Report follows the outline given by the ILO as closely as possible. Some additional information has, however, been included on points which may be of interest to the reader.

The tripartite mechanism vital to OSH has been implemented through a questionnaire survey covering all stakeholders in OSH. Comments on the document by the most central OSH stakeholders were also received and integrated into the profile document when discussing the report in the Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health.