News on non-standard forms of employment

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    International Conference on the Future of Social Security for New Forms of Work

    29 July 2022

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    Meeting of experts on decent work in the platform economy

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    12th Academy on Social and Solidarity Economy - Elective 6: SSE, Local Economic Development and social innovation

    10 January 2022

  4. 4th Employment Policy Research Symposium, 15-16 November 2021

    Employment policies for a job-rich recovery and a better future of work

    This year’s symposium focused on the follow-up to the Global Call to Action for a human-centred recovery from the COVID-19 crisis that is inclusive, sustainable and resilient. Towards this aim, it reviewed the available evidence and discussed policy approaches to assist ILO constituents in their efforts to promote labour market recovery and structural transformation processes that will shift economies to a new and better normal.

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    From refugee to digital worker

    08 October 2021

    For Thon Mabior Jok, a young refugee from Kakuma camp in Kenya, working on a digital platform has meant some extra income but there are many challenges.

  6. International Youth Day 2021

    Digital labour platforms offer young refugees a possible route to decent work

    12 August 2021

    Digital labour platforms have the potential to transform how young refugees make a living, according to a new ILO report, but coordinated action is needed to help them access the gig economy and decent digital jobs.

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    2nd Seminar on Social Security for Workers in Non-standard Forms of Employment

    16 June 2021

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    Research seminar on social security for workers in non-standard forms of employment

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    Building employment injury protection for platform workers

    27 April 2021

    The ILO Country Office in Beijing and MOHRSS organized a Research Seminar on Employment Injury Insurance for Workers in the Platform Economy aimed at sharing experiences and providing recommendations for a national regulatory framework for employment injury coverage of platform workers in China.

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    Working from home

    ILO Turkey’s report reveals home-based work is primarily shaped by gender roles

    02 March 2021

    A report by the ILO Office for Turkey on home-based work – the oldest form of work that has become even more widespread in the times of COVID-19 pandemic – reveals the gender-based dimensions of home-based work. “Home bounded – Global outreach: Home-based workers in Turkey”, establishes that home-based work, regardless of workers’ socio-economic status, is a form of work without social security or social protection.