Publications on labour migration

May 2006

  1. Publication

    Saving Lives, Protecting Jobs - International HIV/AIDS Workplace Education Programme - SHARE: Strategic HIV/AIDS Responses by Enterprises

    01 May 2006

    The US Department of Labour joined forces with the ILO early on to back this initiative, supporting workplace education programmes through a project called the Strategic HIV/AIDS Responses by Enterprises (SHARE). Today this project supports work in 23 countries reaching about 300,000 workers in some 300 enterprises. This report tells the story of SHARE and brings you the experiences of some of the people directly affected. SHARE aims to: Reduce employment-related discrimination against persons living with HIV/AIDS; Reduce risk behaviours among workers; Facilitate access to treatment, care and support; Maintain employment of workers living with HIV/AIDS in the targeted enterprises.

April 2006

  1. Publication

    The Multilateral Framework on Labour Migration

    19 April 2006

    The ILO Multilateral Framework on Labour Migration: Non-binding principles and guidelines for a rights-based approach to labour migration aims to assist governments, social partners and stakeholders in their efforts to regulate labour migration and protect migrant workers. It provides a comprehensive set of rights-based guidelines and principles so as a global compilation of good practices on labour migration developed by governments and social partners.

March 2006

  1. International Migration Papers No. 84

    The challenge of labour migration flows between West Africa and the Maghreb

    03 March 2006

February 2006

  1. International Migration Papers No. 82

    Migration legislation in East Africa

    28 February 2006

  2. International Migration Papers No. 81

    A study on labour migration data and statistics in East Africa

    20 February 2006

  3. International Migration Papers No. 80

    Legislation on migrant workers in West Africa

    17 February 2006

  4. International Migration Papers No. 79

    Labour migration statistics in West Africa

    10 February 2006

  5. International Migration Papers No. 78

    Summary report on migration and development in Central Maghreb

    03 February 2006

January 2006

  1. International Migration Papers No. 77

    Report on legislation concerning international migration in Central Maghreb

    31 January 2006

  2. International Migration Papers No. 76

    Systems of statistical information on migrant workers in Central Maghreb

    27 January 2006