Publications on labour migration

March 2008

  1. Publication

    Saving lives, protecting jobs - International HIV/AIDS Workplace Education Programme. SHARE: Strategic HIV/AIDS Responses in Enterprises. Second report

    01 March 2008

    This second report documents the fine work carried out by ministries of labour, employers’ and workers’ organizations and partner enterprises. It gives an insight into this ILO/USDOL partnership which has been running for five years. It includes a special focus on the experiences and achievements of the pioneer country projects in Belize, Benin, Cambodia, Ghana, Guyana, India and Togo. It also captures major innovations and collaborations from on-going initiatives in other countries.

January 2008

  1. Publication

    Using the ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS and the world of work - Guidelines for the construction sector

    01 January 2008

  2. Publication

    Social Finance Working Paper #50: The contribution of migrant organisations to income-generating activities in their countries of origin

    01 January 2008

August 2007

  1. Publication

    International labour migration and development: The ILO perspective

    01 August 2007

    Presents the ILO’s perspective on the increasingly recognized crucial relation between international labour migration and development.

May 2007

  1. International Migration Papers No. 90

    Migration and irregular work in Austria: Results of a Delphi-Study

    15 May 2007

  2. International Migration Papers No. 89

    Towards effective temporary worker programs: Issues and challenges in industrial countries

    02 May 2007

April 2007

  1. International Migration Papers No. 86

    Discrimination in employment against second-generation Swedes of immigrant origin

    25 April 2007

  2. International Migration Papers No. 85

    Discrimination in access to employment on grounds of foreign origin in France: A national survey of discrimination based on the testing methodology of the ILO.

    18 April 2007

  3. Publication

    World Publics Welcome Global Trade - but not Immigration

    10 April 2007

    This document reports on the result of a global attitude survey that was carried out in 47 countries with more than 45,000 people by the Pew Research Centre Global Attitudes Project. The survey found that the publics of the world broadly embrace key tenets of economic globalization but fear the disruptions and downsides of participating in the global economy. It also reports that globalization is only one of several wide-ranging social and economic forces that are rapidly reshaping the world

  4. Publication

    Can the European social model survive? Is flexicurity the answer?

    02 April 2007

    The search for a better combination of flexibility and security is a major challenge within the European Union, and not only in the accession countries. Two major new studies from the ILO look at different aspects of employment and working conditions.