Publications on labour migration

September 2023

  1. Meeting document

    Room document 17: Recent global developments and proposed updates to the 20th ICLS Guidelines concerning statistics of international labour migration

    22 September 2023

    Room document for 21st ICLS

  2. Meeting document

    Room document 16: National practices in producing statistics on international labour migration

    22 September 2023

    Room document for 21st ICLS

  3. Social Protection Spotlight: ILO Brief

    Guidance note: Using Migrant Welfare Funds as a social protection instrument – potential and limitations?

    06 September 2023


    The ASEAN Forum on Migrant Labour: A review of the implementation of Recommendations (3rd to 14th Forums)

    06 September 2023

    This report is the sixth in a series of progress review background papers, biennially prepared by the ILO’s TRIANGLE in ASEAN programme, that track the progress of ASEAN stakeholders in implementing recommendations adopted at previous AFMLs.

August 2023

  1. Publication

    Feasibility study on the enrolment of refugees and asylum seekers in the Egyptian Universal Health Insurance Scheme (UHIS)

    29 August 2023

    This study presents a review of the situation of refugees and asylum seekers in Egypt to assess the feasibility of including them in the universal health insurance scheme (UHIS) launched in 2018.

  2. Report

    Assessing the Local Labour Market Dynamics and Skills Needs Following the Earthquakes in Türkiye

    28 August 2023

  3. News in Brief August 2023

    EIIP Afghanistan News Brief, Issue 4

    24 August 2023

    The Employment Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) Afghanistan News Brief is to share news and information on EIIP Afghanistan project's activities.

  4. Publication

    Advancing livelihoods through financial inclusion in Iraq

    13 August 2023

    This study was developed by the ILO under the framework of PROSPECTS, which is funded by the Government of the Netherlands. The ILO is collaborating with different partners to enhance the functioning of the private sector while addressing the barriers to decent self-employment.

July 2023


    Resumption of labour migration and regional cooperation

    27 July 2023

    Thematic background paper for the 15th ASEAN Forum on Migrant Labour

  2. Manual

    International labour migration in the health sector - A manual for participatory assessment of policy coherence

    27 July 2023

    The manual is based on existing ILO work and constitutes a step-by-step practical guide to support constituents and other stakeholders at country level in designing more effective health and labour migration policies.