The European Parliament adopts resolution on the integration of migrants and its effects on the labour market

Briefing note | 14 March 2013

On 14 March 2013, the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling on Member States to adopt legal and policy frameworks that allow better integration of migrants in the labour market. The resolution stresses the importance of policies to protect potential victims of organized crime in the context of migration and human trafficking, especially women and children.

The European Parliament emphasizes the importance of domestic work, including personal care work, as a source of employment among migrant women in the European Union. Recalling that, more often than not, migrant domestic workers have no formal contract or social protection and earn very low wages, the Parliament calls on all Member States to ratify ILO Convention 189 on domestic work without delay.

See the full text: European Parliament resolution of 14 March 2013 on the integration of migrants, its effects on the labour market and the external dimension of social security coordination