Employment, vocational training opportunities and migration policy measures to prevent and reduce trafficking in women

The capacity building component of the project related to the strengthening of migration policy management and the development of a system of regulation of the activities of private job placement agencies is complemented with small community-based pilot schemes providing to women victims of trafficking or potential victims with training or employment opportunities.

The project provides assistance and guidance to the Ministry of Labour, State Migration Authority and National Employment Service in the formulation of gender-balanced migration policy measures and the strengthening of migration and employment management capacity aimed at reducing trafficking of young women through advising in the coordination and regulation of the activities of private job placement agencies and other institutions recruiting for jobs abroad ; promoting the creation of a single labour market information system about work opportunities, both at home and abroad, and in targeting sources of information ; promoting the establishment of job placement centres around the country providing job information and developing mechanisms to cultivate trust between private sector employers and State employment services; and promoting targeted gender-sensitive employment and training programmes contributing to the reduction and prevention of trafficking in women and providing reintegration options to those already trafficked.

The project also explores, to the extent possible, the strengthening of options of legal migration channels through assisting and advising countries covered in bilateral negotiations for labour exchange agreements and/or ministerial/departmental negotiations with their overseas counterparts for employment openings; ensuring such negotiations equally target employment opportunities for women as opposed to focusing on traditional male sectors of employment and providing guidance to the State Agency for Overseas Employment and private job placement agencies seeking legal employment contracts, particularly for women abroad. Training manuals on emigration and immigration policies specifically prepared for Albania are available in Albanian langague.

Additional information and electronic version of the Albanian and Ukrainian training manuals can be obtained from Ms. Gloria Moreno Fontes, Migration Specialist, ILO MIGRANT, Tel: +41.22.799.78.54, E-mail: mfontes@ilo.org.