News and statements on labour migration

  1. The new landmark recommendation recognises cooperatives’ role toward building peace and resilience

    26 June 2017

    The 106th ILC adopted the Employment and Decent Work for Peace and Resilience Recommendation, 2017 (No. 205) which includes reference to the role of cooperatives and other social economy initiatives.

  2. ILO standards can help regulate migration

    26 June 2017

    In his last interview as President of the Workers’ Group, Luc Cortebeeck looks back at the results of the 106th Session of the International Labour Conference. According to the head of the workers, ILO standards can help protect migrant workers. Cortebeeck also highlights the many cases of violations of international labour standards around the globe, the adoption of a new standard on Employment and Decent Work for Peace and Resilience; and the implementation of fundamental principles and rights at work.

  3. ILO report highlights Jordanian labour market challenges

    20 June 2017

    Report looks at three competing groups in Jordan’s strained labour market - Jordanians, migrants and Syrian refugees – and possible solutions to resulting political challenges.

  4. ILO ready to face world of work challenges resulting from crisis, labour migration and green transition

    16 June 2017

    Conference shows that the ILO is ready and able to update its standards, making them robust and relevant.

  5. ILO adopts new Recommendation on Employment and Decent Work for Peace and Resilience

    16 June 2017

  6. Reflecting on the relevance of cooperatives to the topics of discussion at the 106th ILC

    12 June 2017

    On the second day of the 106th International Labour Conference, the COOP Unit was invited to make a presentation to the African government group on the relevance of cooperatives and other social and solidarity economy enterprises with regard to the main topics of discussion at the conference.

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    International Labour Conference to discuss labour migration and fair recruitment

    02 June 2017

    ILO News talked to Ryszard Cholewinski, ILO Migration Policy Specialist, about current trends and the importance of addressing governance challenges in a changing labour migration landscape.

  8. Syrian and Jordanian women find sweet success in training and employment project

    30 May 2017

    Flexible working hours are among the measures that can help boost employment of Syrian and Jordanian women in the sweets-making industry in Jordan.

  9. ILO, ECLAC report weakening labour conditions and rising urban unemployment

    11 May 2017

    New ECLAC-ILO report indicates that the increase in average regional unemployment in 2016 was the biggest annual rise in two decades. It also includes an analysis regarding the characteristics of immigrants’ insertion in the world of work.

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    Reforming visa sponsorship systems for migrant workers can benefit destination countries in the Middle East

    08 May 2017

    Reforming the current visa sponsorship arrangements that govern temporary labour migration in the Middle East would have wide-ranging benefits – from improving working conditions and better meeting the needs of employers, to boosting the economy and labour market productivity, according to a new ILO report.