Ms Catherine Laws Profile

Ms Catherine Laws is the Technical Officer for the Migrant Workers Empowerment and Advocacy (MWEA) Project and the Improved Migration Governance (IMG) Project in Malaysia. The MWEA Project seeks to enhance the capacity of civil society and workers organizations to protect the rights of migrant workers and provide relevant services; to empower migrant workers to realize their rights and understand their responsibilities; as well as to engage and educate the youth about the contributions of migrant workers. The IMG Project aims to ensure that migrants in domestic and plantation work are better protected through labour migration agreements and employment contracts that are aligned with international labour standards; enhanced access to information and services; and improved recruitment and employment practices.

Prior to this role, Catherine worked on the ILO’s ASEAN TRIANGLE Project and the subsequent TRIANGLE in ASEAN Project which focused on strengthening the regional labour migration governance framework in ASEAN region in close collaboration with ASEAN institutions and Member States, as well as regional and national workers’, employers’ and civil society organizations. Prior to the ILO, she worked at the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and several civil society organizations where she covered issues such as labour migration, migration and development, research, capacity building, disaster response, and community building. She holds a Masters in Public Management and a Bachelors in International Relations (major in European Studies; minors in Political Philosophy and Hispanic Studies).