Maria Gallotti Profile

Nota informativa | 17 de enero de 2013

Ms. Maria Gallotti has first worked for the ILO in 2000 as part of the Gender Promotion Programme (GENPROM) of the Employment Sector where she was in charge, among other things, of a technical cooperation project in the area of gender, employment and migration, focussing in particular on migrant domestic workers. She was affiliated with the International Migration Branch in 2006 to work as a Migration Officer with planning and monitoring responsibilities on technical cooperation projects in particular in the field of integration, non-discrimination and gender. From 2007 she collaborated with the ILO Office in Bangkok on a number of activities in the area of migration and trafficking and, in particular, she was involved in developing and delivering training on recruitment practices as well as in managing a technical cooperation project on return and reintegration.

Since April 2010 Ms Gallotti is working with the Labour Migration Branch, in charge of coordinating technical backstopping of cooperation activities and acting as MIGRANT’s liaison with ILO Bangkok and ILO Brussels among other things.

She holds a European Master degree in Human Rights and Democratisation (European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation) and she has a political science background (University of Pavia, Italy).

Work areas: Gender and migration, including domestic work; return and reintegration; recruitment practices.

Focal point: Technical cooperation.

Working languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian