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    Informal Economy, Undeclared Work and Labour Administration

    14 June 2005

    In line with the ILO resolution concerning decent work and the informal economy, adopted at the International Labour Conference in 2002, governments have a key role to play, in consultation with workers and employers, in promoting decent work through the extension of their services to the informal economy. This requires the development of innovative approaches and new tools which can be used by ministries of labour to promote decent work through technical assistance to small and micro-enterprises and independent or self-employed workers. During the current biennium, José Luis Daza, Senior Labour Administration Specialist of the Dialogue Department, worked on this research paper for ministries of labour on the theme “informal economy, undeclared work and labour administration”.

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    The global challenges of labour inspection

    04 April 2005

    In this issue of Labour Education 2005/3-4 No. 140-141, labour inspectors and ILO experts suggest possible paths towards more effi cient labour inspection. How can changes in the world of work be taken into account? How can the new challenges be taken up? How can energies be channelled into achieving maximum impact?

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    A handbook on HIV/AIDS for labour and factory inspectors

    01 January 2005

    The purpose of the handbook is to help labour and factory inspectors deal with the issue of HIV/AIDS in their work. In particular, it will help inspectors apply the ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS and the world of work, which was adopted in June 2001. The Code provides guidance for governments, employers and workers, as well as other stakeholders, in formulating and implementing national action plans and workplace policies and programmes to combat HIV/AIDS.