A tool kit for labour inspectors: A model enforcement policy, a training and operations manual, a code of ethical behaviour

The toolkit provides three basic tools necessary for a modern labour inspection practice that is both efficient and effective. It is hoped that the Policy, the Manual and the Code will become the useful, standard reference texts for labour inspection and labour inspectors in many countries.

Instructional material | 01 January 2006
The original versions of the documents contained in this publication were developed for the Serbian Labour Inspectorate as part of a two-year technical cooperation project, funded by the United States’ Department of Labor. This project was designed to assist Serbia in modernizing its labour inspection system to “make it fit” for later accession to the European Union, and bring its policies and practice in line with comparable European neighbours. The aim was to significantly increase compliance with labour and occupational safety and health laws and regulations, inter alia by providing resources for a large-scale training programme designed to consolidate the labour inspection system and promote the concept of an Integrated Inspection Service. In this context, Serbia’s labour inspectors benefited greatly from the practical tools developed during the project and adapted here for your consideration.

The tools would be of great use in other countries as well, especially those where the labour inspection services and the whole system of labour protection have had to adapt to changing political and economic conditions. The tools are presented in simple terms, avoid technical language, and highlight key points for easy reference. They are sufficiently comprehensive to help inspectors in their day-to-day activities. They are designed to serve as reference tools for labour inspectors at all levels in the service. They are also intended to motivate managers in labour inspectorates to rethink their roles and adopt more innovative approaches in providing inspection services.